Lake Livingston – Waterfront or Water View?

We want Lakefront but are not sure we can afford it. Is it really better to buy on the water?

Absolutely! More often than not, the view is the primary reason people buy a particular
waterfront property over another. And, unlike water view homes, no one can build in between your home and the lake to block that view. Also, if you can afford it, another reason to go waterfront – the reality is they are not making any more water frontage on Lake Livingston.

With just the Houston Metro market alone of about 6,500,000 people and growing, is it any wonder that there seems to always be a shortage in inventory here of good waterfront properties for sale? Generally speaking, there are often less than 20 waterfront homes in a specific price range available on the market at any given time for buyers to choose from. Plus, buying on the water is also a good hedge against market fluctuations.

In addition, waterfront homes sell faster when the time comes. And, your family and friends will probably get more enjoyment out of a waterfront home than a house off the water. Also, you’ll get to enjoy this asset while it builds equity.

Further, we as Realtors are precluded from trying to predict what a property might be worth in the future but generally speaking, I think historical data will show they increase in value faster and by more than off-water properties. The reason of course is demand which drives resale values, time on market and a number of other things.

If that is not enough to swing you further towards waterfront, It’s just so much more convenient to go out in your backyard to your boat house, hop on your jet skis or into the boat and you’re on the lake … ready for fun. You would probably prefer not to have to load up your truck with all your lake stuff and toys to drag the boat down to the boat launch, load it all it in the boat then wait to launch if a heavy traffic weekend, once launched move the boat over out of the way up against the shore so others can launch while waiting for the person driving the truck to put it and the boat trailer away then get in the boat. It’s a hassle.

So, if it is in your budget, buy waterfront. You will look back in the years to come at all of the memories you and your family have made and be thankful you made the decision to get that waterfront home.