Lake Livingston – Frequently Asked Questions & Comments

Is one side of Lake Livingston better than the other?

No, not really. It all depends on what your preferences and requirements are for your particular lake home location.

Does one side of the lake have better resale values?

No, each subdivision basically stands on its own. And, there are developments on both sides of the lake that have good waterfront resale values.

We want to see sunsets over the lake off our back porch or deck. Does that mean we have to buy on the east side of the lake?

Yes and no. Most waterfront homes that sit on the east side of Lake Livingston do have back yards that look to the west and therefore have sunsets. And, from availability standpoint, homes on the east side that have sunsets generally far exceed the number that do not. On the other hand, according to how your particular lot is oriented and shaped, it very well could have an eastern sunrise veiw . For example, take the Peninsula development. It has waterfront homes & lots that face east, west and south.

I don’t want the hot sun beating down on me when I go out to sit on my back porch or deck. Does this mean I have to buy on the west side of the lake?

No, not necessarily. As I mentioned above, there are homes and waterfront lots that have back yards which orient towards the east or south on the eastern side of the lake … just not as many as those that face west.

If you find you don’t like any of the available lakefront homes or lots on the east side with your preferred orientation. And, you can’t find what you’re searching for or just don’t want to have a home on the west side of the lake, you might look for a lake house that either has a covered porch with the roof built in such a way as to shield enough of the evening sun to make it viable. Or, perhaps put in some kind of sun-screen awnings back there if practical…or use some kind of shrubbery… maybe even table umbrellas. Worst case, try to compromise if possible.

Is one side of the lake rougher than the other?

The short answer to that is no. The summer breezes generally come from the southeast as do the occasional storms. The winter storms generally come from the Northwest. So, according to what time of year it is, where your lake house is located and how it’s oriented, most people will experience rough waters at some time of the year. There are exceptions to this of course but, for the most part, that is part of living on the lake. The spring, summer and fall seasons here are beautiful and most people get plenty of pretty days to be on the water. Plus, the fall/winter seasons here do bring bright changes in foliage and more pretty colors to the lake for all to enjoy.