The view from a waterfront property can be as important as the home and, in some cases, even more so. Example, I have had clients tell me it is the most important thing of all … “we don’t care that much about the structure as long as it’s on a good lot with a great view”. Their reasoning for thinking that way is … “regardless of the structure or what happens to it … whether it be added-onto, remodeled or even torn down, we know that view is always going to be there”. At the other end of the spectrum, I have had those who wanted a view of course but were most concerned about the home. I would think that somewhere in between is where most people fall. They just want to get the best home & view they can in their price range.

From a practical standpoint though, why should you give extra consideration to the view?

  • The better the view, the more in-demand your property will be when selling
  • The better the view a home has, the better the resale value. You might keep in mind that, if you find a home where the view stands out among other homes available and you fall in love with that view, there is a very good likelihood that others will almost assuredly love it too
  • The better the view, the faster it will sell. If you buy the premise that beauty sells, and we all know it does, a beautiful, open view sells a home much faster than a view that is marginal
  • The better the view, the more envious your friends will be… I know, better thought than said
  • The better the view, the happier you will be with your lake house

Most important reason … the better the view, the more you and your family will enjoy it.

You can wake up every day at your waterfront home with that view and all the lake has to offer. From the gorgeous water, whether it be waves stirred up by a windy day (sounds like the beach) or water as smooth as glass with its relaxing, almost mystical calming effect it has on people (the view alone does it but may be enhanced with a glass of wine in hand), to perhaps just the satisfaction of watching your kids, family or friends playing out on the lake having fun and enjoying it. Then to, maybe it could be the beauty of the migrant birds that fly over Lake Livingston every year … or … the myriad of colors that border it each fall that will be one of your favorite times to remember.

Regardless, you and your family will be enjoying the lake together … creating beautiful memories of happy times in your lives.